Why should your favorite businesses participate in this contest?

Why not?  Your favorite business gets the chance to be featured in a contest run by a leading television news organization in your market.  It’s great exposure! Not to mention bragging rights if you win!

I’m searching for businesses to nominate, but I can’t find what I’m looking for.  What do I do?

Nominating your favorite business is easy.  Simply type in the name of your favorite business into the search box located in the top righthand corner of the site.   When the business listing appears in yiour search list, click on it and then simply click on the green “Nominate Us!” button.   If the contest is over or the nomination phase hasn’t begun, yet, you won’t see the “Nominate Us!” button.  You’ll have to wait until the contest starts.

Why don’t I see a “vote” button on my favorite business listing.

Either the contest hasn’t started or that business did not receive enough nominations to be put into the voting phase. 

Can I nominate the same business to different categories / subcategories?


Can I vote more than once for the same business?

Yes.  But your unique vote will only be counted once.

How many categories & subcategories do I get to vote on?

We want you to vote in as many category & subcategory groupings as you wish!  The more you vote, the more your choices get the chance to win!

Can I share the businesses I’ve voted for on my social networks?

Yes! We hope you will.  Our voting system allows you to share your votes with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Do you have a mobile application for the contest?  Can I vote on the go?

Yes!  Our contests are optimized for mobile web.  We also have iPhone and Android apps for the contest.

Can I rate and review my favorite businesses?

Absolutely.  We hope you will.  If a business is your favorite, we hope you’ll tell everyone else why it’s great.

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